TextureCraft 1.17/1.16.4 Resource Pack 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.13.2/1.12.2

TextureCraft Resource Pack for 1.17/1.16.4/1.15.2/1.14.4/1.13.2/1.12.2 was initially based mostly on Trustworthy and another very talked-about Useful resource packs. It has a decision of 32×32 on this Useful resource pack. It was developed by Bedarride.

This Useful resource pack has a medieval theme and you too can count on them to put on shiny armors, It’s going to additionally present your wielding your sharp sword to point out the enemies. It has some few textures that was borrowed from the unique TextureCraft and it will likely be improved within the newer updates. On this Useful resource pack during which it has immensely improved the vanilla fashion and now it should have way more element than it was ever.

texturecraft resource pack - TextureCraft 1.17/1.16.4 Resource Pack 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.13.2/1.12.2

TextureCraft Resource Pack Features:

  • Added Apple and Golden Apple.
  • New Artistic interface and Recipe guide interface.
  • Improved Furnace mannequin and Emerald merchandise.
  • Added 3D Fashions will now have a decrease FPS.
  • New Mushroom and Clay ball.
  • Improved Piston and Arrow entity.
  • New 3D Fashions for Crafting desk and Iron door.

texturecraft resource pack 2 - TextureCraft 1.17/1.16.4 Resource Pack 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.13.2/1.12.2texturecraft resource pack 3 - TextureCraft 1.17/1.16.4 Resource Pack 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.13.2/1.12.2

TextureCraft Resource/Texture Pack Installation Guide

  1. Make sure you have Optifine installed and working correctly.
  2. Download the resource pack and leave it archived.
  3. Launch Minecraft, go to settings.
  4. In the “Resource Packages” section, select “Resource Packages Folder”.
  5. The resourcepacks folder will open where you need to copy the texturepack.
  6. After copying the texture pack will appear in the column of available packages. Click on it to move to the selected column.
  7. Launch a new game or download an old one. Textures will work in all saves.

TextureCraft Resource Pack Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.17 + 1.16.4 + 1.15.2 + 1.14.4 + 1.13.2 + 1.12.2

Credit: Katalijst | Source Link: PlanetMinecraft